EST. 1918

Local History

Boyne Area Archive

The Boyne District Library, with the help of Edward (Eddie) May III and other contributors, are compiling a collection of photos, musings, history, and stories of the Boyne area for the enjoyment of all. The collection is always growing and open to additions and corrections. The entire collection is made available to the public through the library’s website. At the library we have local papers dating back to 1896 and an extensive collection of Rambler yearbooks as well. We also offer an oral history podcast with local long-time Boyne City residents.
Sorry, the Boyne Area Archive is currently not available. Click here to access the Greenwood Cemetery website, which has an online database of historical newspapers and other information.

Boyne Area Oral History Podcast

If you, or someone you know, might be interested in sharing your local history stories please email Monica Peck the Director at Boyne District Library. Or call the library at 231-582-7861.