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Are your children safe while online?

Michigan families, especially minors, are becoming inundated with advertisements from alcohol, tobacco, pornography and gambling marketers through different internet and cell phone inboxes. Texting their advertisements is the newest marketing effort that many of these companies are using. Thankfully, the State of Michigan offers a free program to stop adult advertisements from reaching e-mails, mobile phones (text messaging ads) and instant messenger IDs. The Michigan Child Protection Registry, like the federal Do Not Call List, is a free do-not-contact service for Michigan’s families and schools and can be located at

As a strong supporter of this registry, we would like to encourage you to sign your entire family up for the registry and inform your friends and colleagues about how they can protect children and families from unwanted adult advertising. To sign up only takes seconds. Just go to and keep your family safe.

Michigan Child Protection Registry Frequently Asked Questions
State Superintendent Memo regarding Michigan Child Protection Registry

1,000 Books Before Kindergarten

“Numerous studies estimate that as many as one in five children have difficulties learning to read.  Reading has been associated as an early indicator of academic success.  Public formal education does not typically start until ages 5-6.  Before then, parents and caregivers are the first education providers during the 0-5 early critical years. The 1000 Books Before Kindergarten challenge is a simple (read a book, any book to your child, with the goal of reading 1,000 before kindergarten) and very manageable endeavor.”

Come in to the library to register for the program! You will receive your first reading log and information about how the program works. Once you read your first 100 books, return your log and you will receive a prize and certificate! Keep reading until you reach 1,000! Once there, you will get to pick a book of your choice to keep and your framed photo will stay on the wall of Reading Fame!

You can also track your progress on the app!

1000 Books Before Kindergarten Website

1000 Books Before Kindergarten iPhone & Android App Instructions